In safe hands

We provide safekeeping for a full range of financial instruments. Increasingly, investors are assured by custodians that offer secure and robust platforms, and are able to segregate and hold assets that are unencumbered. Custodians like Zarattini International Ltd.
The Company provides support and customised solutions for all types of alternative asset classes, from hedge funds, private equity and real estate to loans and other non-UCITS investments, including PIF.
Our comprehensive capabilities enable us to provide quality, timely and easy-to-access information to help you meet your complex custody and accounting needs, maximizing efficiency while measuring and managing risk.

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Opening doors

Protected access has always been sought after. Zarattini International Ltd opens doors for you, even while we keep risks at bay.
We provide a dedicated and reliable execution service designed to meet the needs of our clients, ensuring efficiency and visibility.
We also provide access to all major stocks in the world and deal with the largest financial institutions in order to minimise the number of counterparties and operational risks for our clients.

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Best in class
Asset Protection

Asset protection is the pillar around which our entire business philosophy is built.
We protect your assets through an effective network management as we follow a strict selection criteria for third party custodian.
We also conduct a continuous monitoring and regular review of each sub-custodian through on-site due diligence and annual assessments.
Our best in class operational process ensure full segregation of clients’ assets from our own.

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In the heart of Malta, Zarattini International Ltd combines innovation with extensive expertise and a spirit of cooperation to offer you value-added custody services.
At Zarattini, innovation and progress is balanced by a respect for tradition; we dare to pioneer but never lose touch with our roots, nor lose sight of our responsibilities.
As we have always done, we combine the highest standards with the deepest dedication to our clients’ needs.

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  • Execution services on all financial instruments, including funds, structured products and commodities; issue of primary market, both equity and fixed income
  • Cash equity clearing services through domestic and international clearing houses
  • OTC and listed derivatives, trading and clearing services
  • Liquidity management services: FX, swap, outright and Treasury services
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We do this through:

  • Document custody, collateral review, certification and safekeeping
  • Oversight
  • Cash-flow monitoring
  • Maintaining books and records
  • Reconciling portfolio holdings
  • Collecting and storing securities, documents and files

Clear and transparent communication is crucial:

  • Notifying and processing of corporate actions
  • Reporting portfolio and account holdings
  • Interacting with major market depositaries (BoNY, UBS and Clearstream)
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The Zarattini group will continue to promote the qualities that have made them a trusted partner: reliability, dedicated professional competence, and a deep commitment to transparency and communication.
Within the group there is a long history of providing reliable local and global custody services to many diversified clients, including asset managers, institutional investors, banks, broker dealers and corporates.
Zaranttini International Ltd was born out of a desire from institutional clients to be able to rely on a stable and trustworthy custodian. As a proven custodian institution for collective investment schemes in Switzerland, the Zarattini group was a natural choice.
A small group of shareholders – the Zarattini family and the bank’s managing partners have been the only shareholders of the group since inception – encourages stability and efficiency.

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NEW ACCESS and client proximity

A single, customisable asset servicing interface that offers:

  • Real-time access to cash and securities account
  • Broad range of reports on portfolio holdings and transactions available

Client proximity and dedicated experts to serve you

  • Highly experienced staff with in-depth knowledge of the market.
  • No offshoring used, local presence essential for relationship management.
  • Commitment to upholding quality of service in terms of responsiveness and accuracy.
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To avoid all potential conflicts-of-interest, Zarattini International Ltd strictly limits its fund services and doesn’t engage in activities such as Fund Administration and Fund Management.
The group sees Malta as a natural alternative to more traditional jurisdictions for the fund management industry.
The future looks positive, as the continuing growth of Malta domiciled investment vehicles will boost demand for local custodians. And Zarattini International Ltd has both the means and the ambition to become a leader in the Maltese market within the next few years.
The Company is regulated by the MFSA and is fully licensed under the Investment Service Act.
It holds a Category 2 and a Category 4a license (IS/68839) that authorizes the Company to provide Investment Services and to act as Custodian for Collective Investment Schemes.

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