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We provide safekeeping for a full range of financial instruments. Increasingly, investors are assured by custodians that offer secure and robust platforms, and are able to segregate and hold assets that are unencumbered. Custodians like Zarattini International Ltd.
The Company provides support and customised solutions for all types of alternative asset classes, from hedge funds, private equity and real estate to loans and other non-UCITS investments, including PIF.
Our comprehensive capabilities enable us to provide quality, timely and easy-to-access information to help you meet your complex custody and accounting needs, maximizing efficiency while measuring and managing risk.

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Keeping things safe is our super-power

Every organization has their forte. Ours is protecting your assets.

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We do this through:

  • Document custody, collateral review, certification and safekeeping
  • Oversight
  • Cash-flow monitoring
  • Maintaining books and records
  • Reconciling portfolio holdings
  • Collecting and storing securities, documents and files

Clear and transparent communication is crucial:

  • Notifying and processing of corporate actions
  • Reporting portfolio and account holdings
  • Interacting with major market depositaries (BoNY, UBS and Clearstream)
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